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WHY would, Joanna, a fitness instructor and workout enthusiast, who watches what she eats, have extra weight in her midsection and lower body?

Does this sound familiar to you?  Are you exercising regularly and still not losing weight?   Are you restricting what you’re eating and exercising and still not seeing results??

I understand your frustration as I was once in your situation!

Let’s look at the most common reason WHY this is the case.    I’LL EXPLAIN what is happening because this story is EXTREMELY common and I know you’re not finding the answers you looking for.

So, let’s drive into Joanna’s story and what’s been WRECKING her metabolism:

As I mentioned, Joanna is a Fitness Instructor:

  • Working out with her own Personal Trainer 1-2/week
  • Working hard at Orange Theory 2x/week
  • Leading fitness classes 2-3 times/week like Kick-boxing
  • Careful with her diet
  • Yet 10-15 extra pounds around her midsection which has been frustrating her!

Other key facts about Joanna:

  • She’s a wife, Mom, daughter and sister
  • Busy social life
  • Mom to 3 high-energy, very busy kids
  • Worrier – worried about her kids and keeping them on the right path
  • Doesn’t schedule much down-time for herself and not great with daily self-care
  • She also has a few chronic symptoms that bother her

So, what’s going on?   

  • Joanna’s hormones were WAY out of balance!
  • Cortisol, the stress hormone, was depleted
  • Progesterone was low so female hormones were out of balance (progesterone vs. estrogen)
  • Stress steals progesterone in order to use it to make more cortisol
  • This leads to estrogen dominance (which puts weight on in the abdomen and lower body and is RISKY to your health).
  • So, OVER-exercising and TOO much stress – kept fueling cortisol issues, female hormone imbalance and suppressed thyroid!
  • YOU will have weight loss resistance in this scenario.

What did we do to fix this?   Joanna went through The Metabolic Reset Program

  • She lost 12 lbs and thanks me for helping her get rid of her “muffin top”!
  • Has better energy and is happy with her plan to continue to balance her hormones
  • She’s reset her stress response
  • Optimized what, when and how she eats
  • She’s balanced her workout schedule
  • She continues to implement daily stress management techniques
  • Learned to be more mindful of stress and how to counter-balance it
  • Has better balance in her life

What are we doing now?  

  • RESET Maintenance Plan
  • Maintenance of her new eating template and lifestyle habits
  • Natural support supplements because her hormone imbalances were severe
  • We’re tracking her progress with labs


  • Progesterone is protective; it counter-balances the effects of estrogen
  • Estrogen Dominance contributes to:
    • Increased fat storage
    • Thyroid issues
    • Depression, Mood Swings
    • Headaches
    • Decreased sex drive
    • Irregular periods
    • PMS or hot flashes and night sweats
    • Uterine fibroids
    • Endometriosis
    • Insomnia
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Blood sugar control irregularities
    • Bloating
    • Inflammation
    • Cardiovascular risk
    • Gallbladder disease
    • Auto immune conditions
  • It’s is not SAFE to be Estrogen-Dominant!

If this information makes a lot of sense to you and you’re TIRED of being frustrated with your weight, I’d love to see how I can help you and find out if working together is the right fit.   Fill out an application for a complimentary consultation via the link below.

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