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about Dr. Tracy McAlvanah

Hello!  I’m Dr. Tracy McAlvanah, Founder and Owner of Build True Wellness. I’m a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner who has been practicing natural healthcare in the Atlanta area for over 17 years. 

Women (and a few amazing men) hire me to be their own Doctor of the Future because many are not aging as gracefully as they could be, they’re dealing with hormone imbalances, have stubborn extra weight and they’re trying to figure things out on their own because their doctors aren’t helping.

I help women define, design and drive their own ultimate wellness program.  The bottom line is that I help them fix the things that their regular doctors aren’t addressing and can’t help them heal.

My Mission

My mission is to always address the root causes of health issues and help people restore their health and vitality.  By developing partnerships with my clients, and through education and natural health strategies, my goal is to  provide the tools and direction to help others live an exceptional life.

My Vision

My vision is to help people achieve excellence through health, because health is the vehicle that allows one to serve their family, their community and ultimately to achieve their Purpose. 

My philosophy is “You are the Doctor of the Future”.   You, learning to take the very best care of yourself to create wellness, is the best form of health care.   Drawing on my experience as a functional medicine practitioner, I teach and empower my followers to make lifestyle changes to create long-term results.

Specifically, I focus on helping those dealing with invisible, often undiagnosed, conditions caused by stealth inflammation. These are symptoms and conditions that many aren’t getting help with from their doctors.  My goal is to teach people how they can heal themselves without unnecessary drugs, surgery or even unnecessary supplements.

I have helped many by working with them to resolve:

  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation;
  • Fatigue;
  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression;
  • Weight Issues;
  • Hormone Imbalances; and
  • Digestive Problems.


For most of my clinical career, I’ve worked in Integrated Medicine which combines the best of both traditional and natural medicine. I spent many years practicing as a Functional Medicine practitioner with two of the leading centers for natural medicine in the Southeast, Real Health Medical and Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta, where I gained much experience helping patients with a variety of health challenges including complex, chronic conditions. 

I have advanced training in Functional Medicine through The Kalish Institute.  I’ve mentored with Dr. Dan Kalish since 2011 and have Advanced Certification. Doctors from around the world are studying The Kalish Method including doctors from the Mayo Clinic, The Institute of Functional Medicine and The Mercola Wellness Center.   In fact, in 2015, the Mayo Clinic completed a study on the efficacy of The Kalish Method.    The impressive results of the Mayo Clinic study are linked here.

In addition, I continue my postgraduate studies in vitalistic and Functional Medicine as a member of The Living Proof Institute’s Practitioner Mentorship Program.  Continuing education, collaborating with leaders in my field and maintaining cutting-edge approaches are always important to me as I strive to provide the best guidance possible to my clients and followers.

A Second Career…

Prior to my career in health care, I spent almost a decade working as a human resource consultant for one of the top consulting firms for Fortune 500 companies. After experiencing some health problems, a co-worker suggested that I visit her holistic healthcare practitioner. This experience changed my life so dramatically, that I was inspired to quit my corporate job, pursue a career in natural medicine and help as many people as possible just as I had been helped.

I’m living proof that Functional Medicine works!   

It could be said that I come from “bad genes”.  Many members of my family are plagued by chronic pain and arthritis; but I feel fabulous and I’m pain-free.  Yet, I’ve been heartbroken to watch some of my loved ones suffer with debilitating arthritis, autoimmune conditions and even lose their battle with cancer.   

I know these chronic, inflammatory conditions can be prevented and/or managed best with natural and Functional Medicine approaches. It’s my mission to spread this message!   Knowing that I can play a part in helping to reduce the pain and suffering in the world is what fuels my passion for my work!


  • Doctorate of Chiropractic, Graduated Magna Cum Laude,  Life University
  • Bachelor of Arts – Economic and Finance, Rutgers University
  • Mentorship and Advanced Certification in The Kalish Method of Functional Medicine (ongoing)
  • Mentorship – Living Proof Institute – Vitalistic and Functional Medicine (ongoing)
  • Advanced AutoImmune Strategies – Apex Energetics – Dr. Datis Kharrazian – regularly attends conferences
  • Certified several times in the “Brimhall Six Steps to Wellness”


I live in East Cobb, an Atlanta suburb, with my amazing and funny husband, Pete, and two of the best kids we could have ever asked for as well one crazy-fun English Springer Spaniel.  

I love doing anything outdoors.  During my time off, you can find me at the beach.


Here are 2 ways to take another step to learn more.

  1. DISCOVER my 30 day strategy to amplify your health.   I’ve created a Free “30-Ways-in-30-Days” Program that’s available here:   https://buildtruewellness.com/30-day-free-program/
  2. APPLY for a complimentary consultation.  I work with clients virtually.  Let me help you create health from the comfort of your own home.  Scheduling is available here: https://buildtruewellness.com/contact-us/

I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you and discuss the what you are specifically looking to optimize!


why Dr. McAlvanah?

 Find the root cause of the problem
 Integrate wellness into your lifestyle
  Options to meet in the comfort of your home
 Get undivided focus
 No more waiting in waiting rooms

The Path to Wellness

If you and Dr. McAlvanah decide to work together, lab testing is the next step.  You’ll provide the samples required and mail them in the boxes provided to the specialized labs. Dr. McAlvanah will receive your results and begin working with you to eliminate the problems the lab work uncovers.  She’ll follow up with you on a regular basis to chart your improvement.

  • Throughout the process of finding out why I was having so many stomach issues, I also started natural hormone therapy, since it was confirmed I was in menopause. Once I started the hormone support, I began sleeping better and my hot flashes stopped. Over time, I had more energy and just felt better overall!

    Alesia Sciotto
    Alesia Sciotto Registered Nurse
  • Dr. McAlvanah has offered nutritional supplements, dietary changes and exercises to help combat my issues of insomnia, depression and adrenal fatigue. I have begun to experience some energy increase over the past month or so as I have been faithful in following her recommendations. In previous traditional medical doctor visits, the only prescription was for pharmaceuticals which caused horrific side effects. I am grateful for other options through alternative natural therapies. I high recommend Dr. McAlvanah to anyone who wants to get to the root of their health battles.

    Dennis Durrett-Smith
    Dennis Durrett-Smith Musician
  • I started seeing Dr. McAlvanah because I was exhausted but could not sleep; my emotions were all over the place and crying had become a daily thing for me; my TSH was over 100 because I had stopped my thyroid meds in order to start iodine therapy recommended by a practitioner; I was in complete adrenal failure. I was under continuous stress for over two years at the time. My case has been difficult because the on-going stress continued. She has spent many hours with me trying to determine causes, not treat symptoms. I never felt rushed or that my concerns were not addressed. Unlike, conventional medicine, where the physician has no more than ten minutes and if you go over that time a sense of urgency comes over the physician.

    Diane Minkoff
    Diane Minkoff Registered Nurse
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