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First Dr. McAlvanah will spend time with you and LISTEN.   When she understands your challenges and your goals, she’ll request special labs to analyze how well your body is functioning. From there, she’ll be able to guide you through ways to change the way you feel forever.

Find Relief from Chronic Symptoms



Fatigue can come from many sources: too much sugar or caffeine, too much exercise, inflammation, food intolerance. Find out what causes those afternoon crashes and get a plan to naturally reduce fatigue.



Hormone imbalance can produce unpleasant symptoms, like mood swings, brain fog and hot flashes. Lab tests will reveal how it is affecting your body and brain. Dr. McAlvanah will make a plan for healing.



Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. A quick-fix drug may relieve the symptom but it ignores the real underlying problem. Dr. McAlvanah will get to the root cause so that you get lasting relief.



Anxiety can be caused by many factors, but most important is blood sugar balance. Discover the root cause of your symptoms and allow Dr. McAlvanah to recommend lifestyle changes that will eliminate them.

Balancing Blood Sugar Can Be the First Step Toward Health

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Meet Dr. Tracy McAlvanah


They’re all happy….

  • I was a mess!  I had been dealing with years of stress, pain, inflammation, PCOS, weight issues, chronic respiratory infections, allergies, you name it!  I literally was beginning to snowball out of control, then Dr. McAlvanah showed me how she could help stop the madness with The Metabolic Reset Program.

    Honestly, in the beginning I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to do it.  The Program was a drastic change for me.  Sure there were cravings that I had to deal with in the beginning, but once I got going, the Reset was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    I was shocked to learn that I had been eating a food that was very inflammatory and a big factor in  my weight gain - gluten!  I am incredibly thankful to have figured this out!  I am also thankful to have a new eating template that is so anti-inflammatory!

    I have experienced:   weight loss, less pain and stiffness, better sleep, better energy, improved mental clarity, less stuffiness and allergy symptoms.  AND I am off my high blood pressure medication and off of metformin!

    I am currently on Maintenace and am looking forward to continuing with another round of the RESET until I get to my ideal weight which I now see as a reality rather than an impossiblity.

    I love the Reset!   If you need to get yourself and your health together, JUST DO IT!!

    Theresa Candelori
    Theresa Candelori Wife, Mom, Small Business Owner
  • I knew that stress had taken a toll on me, hormones were off, GI tract was not quite right and I had extra weight in the midsection that would just not budge.

    I had previously gone to both traditional doctors and other natural doctors, but just didn't find effective solutions.

    The Metabolic Rest Program has been an amazing experience!  Dr. McAlvanah has helped me not just lose the weight that I wanted, but she's taught me how to have a healthy lifestyle to keep it off.

    So far, I've experienced:   12 lbs. released, sleeping better, improved energy, bloating resolved, cravings gone, feeling more positive and balanced, and excitement about permanent lifestyle changes!

    We're continuing to work together to do specialized Functional Medicine labs to finally optimize my GI tract and balance all my hormones!

    Suprisingly, it's been an easy and fun process.  I've enjoyed the Community that the program has to offer.  I feel less stressed, more at peace and I'm now looking to create more balance in all areas of my life!    Thank you, Dr. McAlvanah!

    Video Testimony:

    Elisa DiPrisco
    Elisa DiPrisco Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager at an Investment Firm
  • Like so many of you, I've tried every diet in America including making up my own.  With all of those plans, I lost weight but ended up gaining it back and then some.   The Metabolic Reset Program has worked so well for me!  I've lost more than 20 pounds and am maintaining my weight.  Dr. McAlvanah has taught me how to permanently change my habits.  My husband also notices that I am less stressed and so much more relaxed.  Just do it!

    Video Testimony:

    Linda Kelly
    Linda Kelly Registered Nurse
  • I’ve been following Dr. McAlvanah’s recommendations and couldn’t be happier with my results.  My energy has improved and I don’t even need coffee anymore!

    The life of a student can be very stressful and hard to manage.    Dr. McAlvanah’s supplement recommendations and mindfulness plan have helped me manage my classes and have a clear head about how to attack the day.  I’ve even shown mindfulness practice to a few of my fellow students and they have started practicing it daily with great results!

    I would absolutely refer anyone looking to improve their health to Dr. McAlvanah because of her approach to the individual rather than to the illness.

    Abigail Aldridge
    Abigail Aldridge Age 20 / Student
  • I have had stomach problems for the last 15 years. Visited many gastroenterologists and they all prescribed the usual: antibiotics and omeprazol. Last year I started to have severe stomach pain to the point it was hard to breath.   Dr. McAlvanah did several tests and found the root of the problem.   She taught me how to change my food habits and all the symptoms quickly started to desappear.   After 2 weeks of anti-inflamatory diet not only stomach pain was gone, but constipation and depression  were gone as well!

    Maria Zaa
    Maria Zaa Wife and Mom Extraordinaire
  • I suffered from low energy that kept me from enjoying time with my husband and children and grandchildren. After implementing the wellness plan by Dr. Tracy I have seen great improvement in my energy level. In previous years I tried many diet plans but could not lose the weight I wanted to lose.

    After changing my diet and finding out which foods were causing me inflammation, I have lost 18 pounds!!! I am very pleased with the care Dr. Tracy has given me. She is a delight to work with and easy to talk to.

    Rachel Osbourne
    Rachel Osbourne
  • I decided to explore a holistic approach in the treatment of my fistulizing Crohn’s Disease because traditional medicine wasn’t working.   Dr. McAlvanah did a complete comprehensive workup to identify the cause of my disease and resulting symptoms and attacked my symptoms by focusing on the root cause of them. Today my fistula has healed and I am almost completely free from my stomach discomfort.

    Lisa Astin
    Lisa Astin
  • I first came to see Dr. McAlvanah because of the arthritic pain I was experiencing. I had tried conventional medicine but found it to deal only with symptoms and never addressing the cause of the problem. In fact, they said they didn’t know the cause of my arthritis. In working with Dr. McAlvanah, I was able to discuss the cause of arthritis and a course of treatment to attack it at its core. Through a series of tests, she also found problems with my adrenal gland and effectively treated it with supplements and natural antibiotics. She asks the right questions and recognizes that good health is a combination of body, mind and spirit.

    Dr. McAlvanah has been great to work with because she combines her knowledge and skill with a caring attitude. She is very positive and listens well to what I have to say using my feedback to help guide a course of action. Her approach is quite different from what I’ve experienced with conventional medicine where so much of the treatment uses synthetic drugs to relieve only the symptoms. I like the fact that she will discuss causes of problems and how best to get rid of the root cause. I feel that she really does care about making people better and sees it as her mission to help discover the course of action that will do just that.

    The results of my treatment have been encouraging. The pain in my joints has been reduced to a very minimal level and is well on the way to being eliminated. My energy level has improved significantly and I’ve gone from barely getting through the day to being much more active and enjoying what I’m doing so much more.  I think a lot more about what I can do rather than what I can’t or shouldn’t. I definitely feel a positive change in my life and my wife and family have noticed it too.

    I would encourage anyone who has health issues to consider working with Dr. McAlvanah. Her approach is to listen to you and get to the causes of your problems. Her natural healthcare approach has made a big difference in my life and it could in yours as well.

    James Haedt
  • After several months of not feeling well and being tired all the time (no acute pain but naps were a must to get through the day) and conventional medical tests results didn’t show anything wrong with me, I decided to venture into the ‘world’ of non-conventional medical care. This journey led me to Dr. Tracy McAlvanah.

    I was surprised by the non-conventional approach through which Dr. McAlvanah questioned, tested, and ultimately diagnosed the depleted levels throughout my body. She has also been a wealth of information in teaching me how to properly balance the different types of foods in my diet to boost the body’s healing properties.

    Within a few days I started feeling better and continued getting stronger. Naps were no longer needed for me to make it through the day. Over the next several weeks my follow-up visits showed the depleted levels continuing to improve! One thing I have come to greatly appreciate is her proactive approach with my healthcare. She thoroughly explained every test, result, and the wellness plan, all of which were designed specifically for me!

    I am so thankful to have an alternative to conventional medicine. Through the past three years I have continued to recommend Dr McAlvanah to many people and was so thankful several have chosen to be under her care.

    Esther Williamson
  • I began with a treatment plan made especially for me, all natural, of course. In three months time, I was beginning to feel so much better. I was sleeping better, memory improved and my mood was much better. Now almost one year later, I am active, energetic and happy. Combining my supplement plan with a great exercise plan, I've lost 25 lbs. and 6 and 1/4 inches of body fat. My results are outstanding! I would highly recommend Dr. McAlvanah to anyone that wants real positive results and expert care! My life was changed and I could not be happier!

    Rosemary Linacre
    Rosemary Linacre Registered Nurse
  • I credit Dr. McAlvanah for helping to save my life.

    2-1/2 years ago, I suffered with my second frozen shoulder. I was given numerous oral and injected steroids and NSAIDS. In Physical Therapy I developed joint pain, literally overnight. I went to my doctor and my blood work came back with an RA factor of 358 (normal is under 14). I was referred to a Rheumatologist and after a three-month wait, my RA factor had skyrocketed to 1280, and he wanted to refer me to a Cardiologist and begin Methotrexate and Biologics. I had frantically been searching for a doctor who would work with me, and honor my wishes to not go down that path. I read everything I could find about rheumatoid arthritis and alternative doctors.

    I found Dr. McAlvanah and she immediately worked to get my inflammation down, and then began work on my adrenals. Within weeks of this protocol, my knee pain was gone! It took another year and a half to get rid of all the joint pain in my feet and hands but it is gone. It has been a loooong slow process, but I can thankfully say I no longer suffer from RA or Lyme or heart problems. With all this damage to my body, I still have some intestinal inflammation and food sensitivities, but am confident that Dr. McAlvanah will continue to find the root cause and eliminate ALL of my symptoms.

    I have no doubt, had I followed the traditional route, my quality and length of life would have been compromised. Dr. McAlvanah is a truly compassionate, qualified health care provider and comes with my highest respect and recommendation.

    Dori Slater
  • I started seeing Dr. McAlvanah because I was exhausted but could not sleep; my emotions were all over the place and crying had become a daily thing for me; my TSH was over 100 because I had stopped my thyroid meds in order to start iodine therapy recommended by a practitioner; I was in complete adrenal failure. I was under continuous stress for over two years at the time. My case has been difficult because the on-going stress continued. She has spent many hours with me trying to determine causes, not treat symptoms. I never felt rushed or that my concerns were not addressed. Unlike, conventional medicine, where the physician has no more than ten minutes and if you go over that time a sense of urgency comes over the physician.

    Diane Minkoff
    Diane Minkoff Registered Nurse
  • Dr. McAlvanah has offered nutritional supplements, dietary changes and exercises to help combat my issues of insomnia, depression and adrenal fatigue. I have begun to experience some energy increase over the past month or so as I have been faithful in following her recommendations. In previous traditional medical doctor visits, the only prescription was for pharmaceuticals which caused horrific side effects. I am grateful for other options through alternative natural therapies. I high recommend Dr. McAlvanah to anyone who wants to get to the root of their health battles.

    Dennis Durrett-Smith
    Dennis Durrett-Smith Musician
  • Throughout the process of finding out why I was having so many stomach issues, I also started natural hormone therapy, since it was confirmed I was in menopause. Once I started the hormone support, I began sleeping better and my hot flashes stopped. Over time, I had more energy and just felt better overall!

    Alesia Sciotto
    Alesia Sciotto Registered Nurse

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