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  • You think you’re not feeling as good as you used to, yet your bloodwork appears normal. Maybe your fatigue is a part of normal aging? But how do you know for sure?
  • It’s getting harder to get going in the morning. You don’t feel refreshed when you wake.
  • You’re using caffeine and/or sugar to bolster your slumping energy in the afternoon
  • Weariness and irritability are more common than you’d like to admit
  • Falling asleep while reading or while watching movies is common for you
  • You’ve wondered about or received a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • You’ve researched “Adrenal fatigue”, a condition in which the body’s adrenal glands don’t make sufficient hormones in response to stress, can cause exhaustion, poor sleep patterns, even lightheadedness. Could you have it?

We all experience the external causes behind fatigue (job, finances, family, relationships). We understand those. But what are the internal causes (the hidden causes) of fatigue?

  • chronic inflammation
  • immune system activation (triggered by a food, an infection or environmental chemical)
  • impaired function of the hormone system
  • gut inflammation
  • mitochondrial dysfunction (damage to your cellular energy factories)

Imagine a future where

  • you wake from a night’s sleep feeling refreshed
  • you have the energy for exercise or for playing with your children or grandchildren
  • you have no problem focusing at work or on that book you’ve been reading for months
  • you can move without pain, and the headaches disappear
  • you feel like your “younger self” again
  • you can do what you want – your health is not stopping you in anyway

Through functional medicine, Dr. Tracy McAlvanah offers a refreshing “whole person” approach to resolving issues like chronic fatigue, without adding a new prescription to the mix.

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