We are insurance-free. What does that mean?


We do not contract with insurance carriers, and therefore, we cannot bill insurance for any of our services.   We also opted-out of Medicare and Medicaid.

At McAlvanah Wellness, we like the term insurance-free, because healthcare that is practiced free from insurance allows the freedom to serve you and not your insurance carrier.   This means that we can pursue the most effective treatments options for your unique challenges.

Our direct-pay practice may different than what you are used to, and we understand your apprehension.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Insurance-free medicine puts you, the patient, in the driver’s seat.

  • Insurance-free medicine may be lower than your deductibles.

  • An insurance-free approach is often more comprehensive and high-quality.

  • Choosing a more natural approach isn’t considered “standard and customary” by the insurance carriers, therefore, our services typically aren’t covered.

  • Over 80% of our patients have insurance, and yet they still choose us.

  • You can use your Health Savings Accounts and FLEX Spending Accounts.

  • Specialty lab tests would not be covered by insurance.   However, certain bloodwork and may be able to go through your insurance.

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